WCBAWelcome to the Warren County Bar Association

The Warren County Bar Association is a non-profit professional association of local attorneys and judges with a rich history dating back to 1934. Our association provides its members with a forum where ideas and expertise can be shared and social relations can be cultivated. Our mission is to provide a forum in which the attorneys of Warren County and surrounding areas can:

  • meet socially to discuss common problems;
  • assist the bar in continuing legal education;
  • work to advocate for, alone and in conjunction with other bar associations, the interests of the bar;
  • work to assist in the education of the public to the role of the law in society and to enlighten the public to their legal rights, remedies, and duties; and
  • to foster the integrity of the bar by improving the skill and ethical competence of its members.

With a collegial panel of distinguished attorneys, the WCBA offers unparalleled resources for mentorship of new attorneys and law clerks and offers comradery in a strong community of legal professionals.

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