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Superior Court Of NJ

Vicinage 13, Warren County
P.O. Box 900
Belvidere, NJ 07823

Main Number: 908-475-6161


Hon. Yolanda Ciccone, Assignment Judge
Somerset County Courthouse
Courtroom 301, 3rd Fl.
Secretary: Pierrette Torres
Law Clerk: Benjamin Rouder

Telephone: 908-231-7069

Hon. Ann R. Bartlett, J.S.C.
Chancery Division, Family Part
Courtroom 5, 1st Fl.
Secretary: Eileen Woods
Law Clerk: Lauren E. Runza

Telephone: 908-475-6182

Hon. Kimarie Rahill, J.S.C.
Chancery Division, Family Part
Courtoom 2, 2nd Fl.
Secretary Catherine Clowes
Law Clerk: Peter A. Wujciak
Telephone: 908-475-6904

Hon. John Pursel, J.S.C.
Civil Division
Courtroom 3, 2nd Fl.
Secretary: Christina Russo
Law Clerk: John A. Mercogliano

Telephone: 908-475-6177

Hon. Matthew Curry, J.S.C.
Criminal Division
Courtroom 1, 2nd Fl.
Secretary: Laura VanSavage
Law Clerk: Christine C. McIntyre

Telephone: 908-475-6191


Operations Division Main Number
Telephone: 908-475-6995
Fax: 908-475-6187
Angela Pardo, A.T.C.A., Belvidere
Telephone: 908-475-6188
Fax: 908-475-6187

Civil Division 
Telephone: 908-475-6140
Fax: 908-475-6142

Criminal Division
Telephone: 908-475-6990
Fax: 908-475-6982

Family Division
Telephone: 908-475-6150
Fax: 908-475-6155

Probation Division
Telephone: 908-475-6920
Fax: 908-475-6923

Jury Management
Telephone: 908-475-6996
Fax: 908-475-6187

Court Reporters
Telephone: 908-475-6966

State of NJ Office of the Public Defender
Warren County Region
314 Front St., Belvidere, NJ 07823
Telephone: 908-475-5183
Fax: 908-475-2026

Warren County Bar Association
413 Second St., Belvidere, NJ 07823
Email: info@warrencountybar.org
President, Richard Wenner, Esq.
Telephone: 800-285-0554