Superior Court Of New Jersey

Vicinage 13, Warren County
P.O. Box 900
Belvidere, NJ 07823

Main Number: 908-332-7700



Hon. Yolanda Ciccone, Assignment Judge
Somerset County Courthouse
Courtroom 301, 3rd Fl.
Secretary: Sharon Andrade-Perez and Jessica Grozzo
Law Clerk: Lauren M. Schreck and Kanwal Sajjad

Telephone: 908-332-7700 ext. 13540

Hon. Margaret Goodzeit, Chancery
Somerset County Courthouse
Courtroom 2, 4th Fl.
Secretary: Dana Ardizzone
Law Clerk: Rachel L. Adelman

Telephone: 908-332-7700 ext. 13560

Hon. William T. Kelleher, J.S.C.
Municipal Division
40 N. Bridge Street
Secretary: Nicole O’Donnell

Telephone: 908-332-7700 ext. 13230

Hon. Kimarie Rahill, J.S.C.
Family Division
Courtroom 3, 4th Fl.
Secretary: Catherine Clowes
Law Clerk: Amanda L. Carrington
Telephone: 908-332-7700 ext. 13630

Hon. Thomas C. Miller, J.S.C.
Civil Division
Courtroom 1, 2nd Fl. (HC)
Secretary: Jill Lynn
Law Clerk: Jennifer B. Rosenblatt

Telephone: 908-332-7700 ext. 13590

Hon. Kevin M. Shanahan, J.S.C.
Criminal Division
Courtroom 5, 5th Fl.
Secretary: Lori Pizzoli
Law Clerk: Maxwell C. Ruocco

Telephone: 908-332-7700 ext. 13660


Operations Division Main Number
Telephone: 908-750-8100 ext. 13010
Fax: 908-750-8099
Operations Manager: George Georgeles, Belvidere

Civil Division 
Telephone: 908-750-8100 ext. 13910
Fax: 908-750-8095

Criminal Division
Telephone: 908-750-8100 ext. 13130
Fax: 908-750-8097

Family Division
Telephone: 908-750-8100 ext. 13930
Fax: 908-750-8098

Probation Division
Telephone: 908-750-8100 ext. 13960
Fax: 908-750-8091

Jury Management
Telephone: 908-750-8100 ext. 13010
Fax: 908-750-8099

Telephone: 908-750-8100 ext. 13050

State of NJ Office of the Public Defender
Warren County Region
314 Front St., Belvidere, NJ 07823
Telephone: 908-475-5183
Fax: 908-475-2026